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Our unique approach to Mobile contracts allows us to provide tariffs and packages tailored to suit your business and user needs

Whether you are a sole trader who requires a straightforward single handset solution or a global enterprise who needs handsets, cellular tablets and an IoT solution, we have the technology and expertise to deliver on time and in budget.

As a multi network vendor, Eden focus on YOUR mobility requirements and provide service and expertise to benefit your business. Choice, value and service is as key to Eden as it is to our customers. A wide range of tariffs, handsets and billing arrangements are available.

What differentiates Eden from the numerous other resellers? Our high levels of customer service and support. There is no need to be sat on hold, waiting to talk to account manager at one of the carriers. Liaise with your Eden Account Manager or our Helpdesk and continue with your normal day-to-day tasks.

When it comes to your mobile solutions, Eden take time to understand what really matters to your business and deliver a price plan and service that provides maximum value. A complete data breakdown and call analysis function is undertaken on a regular basis to track calls and usage patterns, allowing Eden to constantly monitor your contract and provide peace of mind that you are on the correct talk plan.


When smartphones first began to dominate the mobile market, pretty much everyone had a contract. Up until five years ago, each new model had customers queuing up to get their hands on the latest model as new, ground-breaking features were introduced. 

But things have changed greatly with new device launches see only incremental improvements meaning people are holding on to their phones for longer and running down their contracts. As a result, more and more customers are now on SIM-only deals.

Eden’s flexible approach allows us to perfectly match a tariff type and contract length to each customer, whether you want the latest model bundled with accessories and insurance, or simply a low-cost, short-term solution for contract or temporary staff.


In addition to providing the latest handsets from leading manufacturers, Eden offer a range of professionally refurbished devices. Our pre-owned devices are professionally cleaned, reset and refurbished using new parts before being made available to corporate and consumer customers. All devices pass a meticulous 27-point test prior to being approved for resale and we offer a 12-month warranty as standard with every device.

As a business mobile provider, we can also provide a suitable SIM-only package that makes the latest devices a cost-effective option.


If you would like more information on our mobile solutions, please fill out the enquiry form or contact our sales team on 0113 892 1115.

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The right technology to manage your voice communications can make a positive difference in productivity and gives you the flexibility to respond to ever changing business environments

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Technology is an ever changing world. The aim at Eden is to make your life simple by using the right products and services to suit your business needs, both now and in the future


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